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Coming Up! Tá Chegando! - Gabriel Santiago CONNECTIONS

Here's a little teaser for the upcoming album CONNECTIONS, with:
GS: Guitars & Vocals
Justin Vasquez: Alto/Soprano Sax
Sidiel Vieira: Acoustic/Electric Bass
Thiago Big Rabello: Drums



Gabriel Santiago/Justin Vasquez Quartet - Brasil Tour

Excited to be touring Brazil with Justin Vasquez, along with a superband! 

Dates are posted on the Gigs section. New gigs will be added along. 

NEW RECORD coming out !

GS - Guitars/Vocals

Justin Vasquez - Alto & Soprano Saxophones

Sidiel Vieira - Acoustic/Electric Basses

Thiago Rabello - Drums


GS Project Live @ Jazz nos Fundos

Here's my version of the famous Brazilian Standard "Berimbau" (Baden Powell - Vinicius de Moraes) 

The band was killing and the energy of the place was high up there! 

Hope you enjoy it! 



GS & Rupert Neve

I had the privilege to be invited one more time to colaborate with the legendary Mr. Rupert Neve on a recording session. I already had the pleasure to be part of a unique session two years ago where I became the first musician to test his first set of microfones!

This time we had another unique session, where only Neve designs gear were used in the signal chain. Mics, Pre-amps and the console, all Neve Designs.

Mr. Neve commanded the session himself and I feel trully honored for being part of this. A future collaboration is already at work.


Gabriel Santiago Quintet WebCast - Live@Brass House-May 21st

Gabriel Santiago Quintet LIVE @ Brass House - May 21st - 9pm-12 (Central Time) (23h-2 - Brasília)

We will be streaming live all night!

GS- Guitars & Vocals

Peter Stoltzman - Keyboard

Justin Vasquez - Alto Sax

Russell Haight - Tenor & Soprano Sax

Wayne Salzmann II - Drums

Sam Pankey - Upright Bass